Step on the Stage at Budapest Ritmo!

2019. február 08. - Hangvető

Apply to be part of Budapest Ritmo Showcase and show your music to international experts!

New talent and well-oiled bands get a chance on 3rd of October to show what they got to a select group of invited experts and the audience of iconic Szimpla. Why is it worth it, how can you apply, and how did last year’s gig go off?

Step Up Your Game

Local and regional bands are selected by a jury of renowned professionals to play at the showcase day in Szimpla. The following day the chosen bands get to meet the jury personally, get feedback and pro tips on their performance and materials, and how to make it on the international market at a speed dating event.

Selected bands are also invited to a networking dinner, where they can mingle with invited guests of Budapest Ritmo Conference. They also recieve a pass to all the concerts and professional events of Budapest Ritmo.

Budapest Ritmo is a great opportunity to network with Hungarian and foreign professionals in the world music scene. Last year’s showcase performers returned home with bags full of invitations to venues around the region.

Budapest Campaign

The bands selected for the showcase event also become part of the festival’s communication campaign. Last year’s group Dalinda enchanted passangers with their singing on a tram in the city. The video was seen by tens of thousands of new fans:

Find detailed information on how to apply on the festival’s website.

Application deadline: 12am  24. 03.2019!

Good luck & see you at Ritmo!

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